Tips and best practices



For women, avoid waxing at least 10-12 hours before Floating. You might feel discomfort when the salt comes into contact with sensitive skin.
For men, avoid shaving at least 5-8 hours before Floating. Any cuts will distract you because of the high concentration of Epsom salt.

Hair dyeing

⦁ Avoid Floating for 72 hours after dyeing your hair. Some paints might come off.

Food and hydration

⦁ It is best to have a easily digestible meal 1-2 hours before Floating. If you overeat, you will feel full and the digestive system comes into action, which will distract you from relaxing.
⦁ Adequate hydration enhances the experience of floating, relaxes the mind and increases the ability of relaxation and awareness.


⦁ Try to avoid, as much as possible, caffeine and tobacco before Floating because they stimulate the body, especially the heart.
⦁ The goal of Floating is to relax, detoxify and slow down your pace.

In the Float Pod


Breathing can be a wonderful tool to calm your mind and relax your body. First, try to breathe through your nose. Consciously trying to breathe deeply, after finding the rhythm, try no longer controlling your breathing, but only observe. The body will always remember breathing and it’s not necessary to control it.


For a comfortable and relaxing session we recommended the following 2 positions:
⦁ With hands at your sides, palms down
⦁ Hands beside your head with palms up.Between the hands and body forming an angle of about 90 degrees.
Try to get positioned in the center pod to avoid touching the edges. Adjust your position only with the fingers or toes, slowly, remaining calm. Once satisfied with the position and being comfortable, stay still and relax all your muscles.

Avoiding distractions that may occur while Floating

Saltwater in eyes –  Our Float Pod contains 500 kg of Epsom salt dissolved in water. Avoid touching the eye with your hand because you might feel discomfort that can get you out of the relaxation mood. If you get water in your eyes, remember that you have clean water available in the Pod and wipe your eyes with a clean towel.

Mobile phone –  One of the important elements of Float Therapy is the lack of external distractions such as sounds and vibrations. Do not spoil your relaxation and concentration letting the phone distract you in the middle of the session. All you have to do is turn your phone off or on silent, without vibrations .

Relaxing your neck and back – First time you enter the Pod, you will be surprised how easy it is to float effortlessly. Often, those who are not accustomed to floating are tense, believing that water will not hold the head, mouth, nose or eyes above water. You have nothing to worry about! Sitting completely relax the water will only touch the lower half of the body.

Close the lights in the room – Although Pod is built to block all external distractions, it is not sealed to allow ventilation of interior space with fresh air. Therefore, before you enter the Float Pod, do not forget to close all the lights in the room and in the shower otherwise you will have to get out of the Pod and close them.

After Floating

After the Floating session, take a quick shower, only with water rinse the salt from the body and hair. It is preferable not to use cream because the salt leaves skin soft as silky.
If there is salt left in your ears, although there is no danger, it may be disturbing. This is why we recommend an ear hygiene spray (Audispray).

Drink tea and relax for a few minutes.

A good way to reconnect after Floating is to enjoy a hot tea. A simple beverage with antioxidants will help give the body an extra boost. Ideally, green tea, white or drinks rich in vitamins.
Whatever you choose, allow yourself a few minutes rest after Floating to take the stress away for longer.


Before Floating

⦁ When shouldn’t I float?

It is forbidden to float if you suffer from one of the following conditions or illnesses: diseases of skin, disorders or respiratory problems, the release involuntary bodily fluids, open wounds, pregnancy problems, kidney disease, epilepsy or any mental disease or any other disease / condition for which you don’t have doctor’s permission. For any doubt, please consult your doctor.


⦁ Should I bring anything with me ?

If you have long hair, it would be advisable to bring your brush. Also, if you wear contact lenses, you need to bring your container in which to store them during Floating. Besides these, we will provide everything you need (towel, ear headphones, shower gel, shampoo, disposable slippers, etc. )

⦁ Should I bring my bathing suit?

The Float rooms are private with no access of other people to them. Most people prefer to float nude. If you choose to take your bathing suit, please pass it through the water from the shower before entering  in the Float Pod to remove residues of soap, oil, etc.

⦁ Should I take a shower?

Yes, it is necessary to shower before and after each Floating sessions to remove any oils and perfumes. Each Float Room is equipped with it`s own shower, you are having exclusive access to the relaxation room and shower.

While Floating

⦁ How will my first Float session be?

Floating is a unique and different experience for everyone. After more analysis, the best known results show that people have reached  a profound experience of calm and relaxation. We do not want to say too much before your first Float so we will not influence you in this regard. Not only will it be different for you than it is for anyone else, but for you it will be different each float session. And the more you float, the better it will be.

⦁ Will I get bored?

Often, during the first floating, your mind will need time to adjust to the lack of stimuli. As you continue to relax and your mind gets used to the new environment, you will realize that the feeling of deep relaxation and calm that surrounds you is not boring and is often timeless.

⦁ Is it easy to float?

Because the salt concentration is very high, you’ll float effortlessly. Some people fall asleep while Floating, the only danger is waking up with a little salt in your eyes.
Floating is often a passive activity, the less you move, the more you relax.
However, you can choose to use the time spent in the Pod for a more “active” way. For example: meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, preparing for important meetings, for sports competition and so on.

For Ladies

⦁ Can I float while pregnant?

Yes of course! There is even a special position to help you fix all the pain given by the child’s weight. You’ll probably get more relief and comfort than most people. The additional weight carried by the mother can be very stressful due to gravity forces.Flotation eliminates the negative effects of gravity, which causes joint pain, inflammation and stress on organs and the unborn child. Pregnant women also reported a reduction of chaotic movements of the baby inside the womb. This is due to a phenomenon called “mirror effect.” The child is safe and secure inside the womb and the mother shares a similar experience in the Float Pod. Women report a stronger bond with their child when they are exposed to this environment.
As with any new activity while being pregnant, or if you are unsure, please consult your doctor before resorting to floatation sessions.

⦁ Can I float while menstruating ?

For hygiene reasons, anyone who is at that time of the month must take extra precautions and to ensure appropriate use of sanitary products, as you would at the pool or spa. However, if in general your body temperature increases during this time or you experience stomach cramps, then it would be best to reschedule because it is difficult to feel comfortable.

After Floating


⦁ How do we keep the water clean?

Our Float Pod’s have a complex filtration and maintenance system to keep the water clean. Besides Epsom salt that is abundant in water and has antiseptic properties, the Pod is using filtration systems after each session for 30 minutes. Water is recycled 4 times through filters that remove particles up to 10 microns and passes through the UV lamp that disinfects the water and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses from water. These systems, and the hydrogen peroxide which disinfects the Pod’s interior, make sure that every time you enter the bridge, the water is pure and perfectly clean.

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