What is Float Therapy?


Floating therapy represents an escape from the stress and noise that surrounds us constantly.

Floating helps us by stimulating the body’s own natural healing and regeneration ability.

The Float Tank contains700 kg of water maintained at body temperature in which we dissolved 500 Kg of Epsom salts, about 30 cm deep.

The high concentration of salts provides a sensation of weightlessness similar to that of floating in space.

No distractions

The Float Pod has a futuristic design, a closed capsule that blocks all external distractions, senses, even gravity.

The water is heated to body temperature, so you can’t feel it around you

The feeling the Pod gives you is similar to floating in space.


Just Relax

Weightlessness is given by water saturated with Epsom salt, which enables each muscle in the body to reach a level of complete relaxation.

As seen during deep meditation, the body and mind are loosened by entering into a state of complete relaxation given by Theta waves that the brain generates.

Enjoy your rest

In the first 15 minutes of the session, the Pod`s interior will be discreetly lit by the changing color of LED`s, while listening to meditation music that allows the mind to slip into a deep state of relaxation and disconnection.

Afterwards you can turn off the lights and music from within the Pod to be able to float in complete silence and darkness or you can leave the lights open to enjoy your relaxing moments.

Improves sleep, helps regulate sleep and time zone differences.

Studies show that an hour spent floating is equivalent to about four hours of deep sleep.
Stress is linked to high levels of cortisol in the body. Work, poor diets, drinking coffee and especially stressful daily activities that disrupt the natural balance of the body, lead to increased levels of cortisol in the body.
It’s been proven that Floating dramatically reduces its level in our body.

Detoxifies the body, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.

Epsom salt is known to have many beneficial properties on the body and it’s used both internally and externally. It increases the number of digestive enzymes in the pancreas, helps digestion, eliminate toxins from the body, relieves muscle aches and sprains, cleans pores, softens and leaves skin soft and smooth.

It helps the learning process.

Time spent in the Pod, makes the body and mind free from all external distractions. During and after floating, the mind can absorb new information quickly and at a deeper level. The learning process is accelerated during a state Theta.

Reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, fear and stress.

Endorphins, also called molecules of happiness, are natural substances released into the brain and are normally responsible for fighting off pain and improve overall mood.
Increased production of endorphins during float sessions often lead to feelings of euphoria so by repeating flotation therapy, feelings of depression, anxiety and fear are reduced.

Improves blood circulation and significantly reduces recovery time.

While floating in a state of deep relaxation, blood circulation is improved, helping to increase tired muscular and tissue regeneration.

Relieves pain (chronic pain, arthritis, headaches, etc)

Floating in the dense water, saturated with Epsom Salt, supports your body so that pressure is taken off the joints and wrists, relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation.
Also in while floating, it releases endorphins that the body produces to trigger positive emotions and fight headaches.

Reduces blood pressure

The complete isolation of all senses helps calm the nervous system, thus lowering blood pressure.

Improves physical performance and recovery after effort.

After sustained physical exercise, muscles need to relax and restore broken ties. So floating relaxed in dense saline solution helps you speed up their recovery.

Increases levels of magnesium in the body

Studies show that most people are deficient in magnesium. Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) used in our Float Pod’s is absorbed by the skin, increasing the magnesium levels of the body.

Facilitates deep meditation and concentration.

Floating helps the synchronization between the left and right brain hemispheres. The result of this synchronization is a noticeable improvement of reception and processing of information. Also floating sessions are used by many people to bring brainwaves in Theta state, a highly responsive state that opens the possibility of communication with the subconscious. Theta state is a creative state characterized by feelings of inspiration and spiritual uplifting. It has been shown that Theta state can alter perception of conscious mind.

Improves sports abilities and creative thinking.

The body floats in an environment similar to that without gravity, without other stimuli and the mind is not being occupied to process many sensations. The mind is left to rest, recover and explore.

Increase the ability to solve problems.

Floating in this environment, free of distractions, helps the synchronization between brain hemispheres so it improves reception and speed of information processing.

Overcoming addictions.

The stress level is usually very high when we try to overcome addictions. While floating body completely relaxes while Epsom salt replenishes the body with essential minerals depleted.
With the help of endorphins, anxiety and depression weaken their grip, allowing you to focus on recovery and clear view of your objectives.
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