My story – Vlad

Welcome, my name is Vlad Buliga and I am the one who started The Float Room, the first floating center in Bucharest. I would like to share with you the story of my first floating experience, the motivation that made me start everything.

To start with, it was a 90-minute session. I didn’t know what to expect. As a short background, I had no knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, etc. I had heard of float rooms looking for unique relaxation methods and I decided to try.

I was introduced to the location, I had to choose between a pyramid and a floating chamber, I chose the pyramid (I did hear something about energies before), and the session began.

The first 20 minutes I played with the buttons. I turned off the lights, turned them on, tested with or without music, got some water in my eyes in the meantime.

Only then did I decided to try to float as recommended, without stimuli. Therefore, I turned off the music, turned off the light, and tried to relax.

For a while, I managed to stay still but I didn’t manage to let go, to relax in the true sense of the word because I was constantly thinking about everything that happens, what doesn’t happen and what I thought should happen.

Initially I lost track of time and I arrived in the moment when it seemed to me that the session should be ready soon, but the session did not end and I did not reach the state I thought I should reach. Not being used to meditation, I didn’t know what state I should reach but I wanted to reach it.

I finally got out of the pyramid, took a shower and went back to the waiting room. Here I realized that, although I only stayed 60-70 minutes, I felt my mind floating. I was relaxed, euphoric I could say, and everything around me was floating through me, I noticed them. The relaxing music, the colors, the surrounding objects and the design of the room, everything I was too busy to notice when I entered the floating center, now I saw and felt.

I don’t know how long this state lasted but I knew I wanted to repeat it. The next experiences were at my own center, where I had a multitude of feelings and emotions, both during and after floating, each different from the previous one.

I was thus motivated to pass on these beneficial experiences, to start The Float Room, so that the people of Bucharest can relax and get out of the alert rhythm of the capital, and to improve their health. In 2016 The Float Room was the first floating center and since then it facilitates unique experiences for people of all types.

I look forward to seeing you floating also!